Compassion Groups

What is a Compassion Group?

A Compassion Group is a community of people that is being changed by Christ, and is centered on a specific mission of showing compassion. We currently meet as one group on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 at a house in Champlin.

Community – As Compassion Group members gather together to eat, pray, worship, read Scripture, encourage one another, and serve others, they will grow as disciples of Jesus and discover the joy of taking part in a shared mission.

Mission – Compassion Groups are intentional about showing compassion through serving. The people in our city will witness a community that lives out the Gospel in tangible ways, and Jesus will be made visible to them.

Weekly Rhythm

Each month, we'll follow a weekly rhythm

Bible Study

During the first week of every month, we’ll study Scripture together. We’ll learn different methods of how to study the Bible, and practice hearing from God.


In the second week of every month, we’ll focus on equipping members on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. These weeks serve as a launching point for group members to engage in relationship discipleship throughout the month.


In the third week of every month, group members will serve in the community based on their mission focus. Serving events usually won’t take place during the normal group meeting time, but scheduled throughout the week instead.

Family Meal

In the fourth week of every month, the group will eat a family meal together. The meal will be organized in advance so group members know what to bring. Throughout the night, group members will share how they saw God at work while serving the week before.

Social Event

In a month where there is a 5th week or meeting, the group will do something fun together. We encourage the group to do something locally to support the community.

Ready to check it out?

We currently meet as one group. Click the button below to request to join the group!

Big Thanks to Citylight Church!

Citylight Church in Omaha was instrumental in helping create the plan and resources for Compassion Groups. We are so thankful for them!