Compassion Groups

What is a Compassion Group?

Our Compassion Groups exist as a way for us to engage in relational discipleship throughout the week. Sunday mornings are essential to us as we gather to worship, but that's simply not enough if we are serious about being disciples of Jesus.

Our Compassion Groups meet for one month at a time as we practice the ways of the Jesus. We utilize a free resource called Practicing the Way, which help others be with Jesus, become like Him, and do as He did. .

Get Involved

We'd love for you to participate in one of our groups coming up in April; click below to learn more.

Everyone will join the same group regardless of the evening/location you're attending.

Prayer - April 2024

The Prayer Practice will help you learn to set aside dedicated time to intentionally be with God, in order to become like him and partner with him in the world.

Group #1 – Tuesday nights hosted by Rob, Jebb and Michele (Anoka)

Group #2 – Wednesday nights hosted by Jonathan, Garland, and Susan (Ramsey)

Our next groups meet during the month of April, 2024 as we go through the Prayer practice. These groups will go for 4 weeks.

This group will serve as the primary hub for resources and communication for everyone participating in Practicing the Way. Each group will have their own group chat via phone numbers.



Fasting - Coming Soon
Sabbath - Coming Soon
Solitude - Coming Soon