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Let's Stay Connected!

Get Started

Church Center is an app that allows you to connect with everything going on at Compassion Church, at the tip of your fingers!

When you download the app, enter Compassion Church and select it as your church.

Set Up a Profile

You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number (or email).

Enter the six-digit code you receive back via text (or email if you chose that option).

If you are already have a profile in Planning Center (from serving, being in a Compassion group, registering for an event, filling out a connect card, or giving online), you’ll be asked to verify your name. If you don’t already have a profile, you can create one at this point by adding your name and email!

Got a new email address, phone number, or moved to a new house?

Now with the Church Center app, you can easily update your information so that you can stay connected with all that’s going on at Compassion!

Get Connected
Get Connected

Using the Church Center App will help you get connected with Compassion Groups, Serving, Giving, Events and so much more!

We often use the ‘Events’ tab on the bottom of the app for registrations, announcements, and highlighting ways to get involved in the community.

Find a Group
Find a Group

The Church Center app makes it easier than ever to find and join our weekly Compassion Groups.  You can view the location, time, and contact information for each group, so that you can get plugged in.

If you’re already a part of a Compassion Group, you’re able to view all the group’s information, upcoming meetings, and be part of a group message for more ways to connect, share prayer requests, or give updates.